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One Time Set Up Fee = $199

Recurring Monthly Fee = $149


  • Setup
  • Responsive Template
  • Personalized Branding Integration
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • 7 Pages of Content, Optimized for Search
  • Integration with Prospect and Student Portal
  • Ability to Pay for Trial Memberships, Merchandise, and other school activities through site
  • Lead Forms
  • Email Automation
  • Local Listing Setup
  • Analytics Tracking
  • Website Training
  • No Contract or Commitments
  • Hosting Fees
  • Weekly Updates to the back end of the site to ensure it is functioning correctly and secure
  • Ongoing Support
If I select from templates, how many do I have to choose from?

We have 1 new and improved template, but are looking to expand our template library. We encourage you to send us websites you like and we will take these into consideration when building our next template option.

If I switch, can my website look the same as it does now?

We can keep the layout of content the same, but you will have to select one of our pre-made templates as a guide.

Is this the only way my website can integrate with my Kicksite account?

This is the only way it can with ease. You are able to set up lead campaigns and Profit Plans on any website, but you will still need to have someone update and customize the CSS/HTML.

Timeline to get started?

Set-up usually takes about 2 weeks from when you get the build data to us. Please anticipate another week or two after that for edits. Once the site is ready to go live, it usually takes 48-72 hours to send it live.

Where will my website be hosted?

The websites are hosted on FlyWheel. Hosting fees are included in your monthly subscription rates.


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Can I keep the same URL?

Yes. We strongly recommend you use your same URL for SEO purposes. If you do not have a URL, we recommend purchasing one yourself from GoDaddy and then sending us the new URL. This way you have control over the domain if you decide to go another direction in the future.

If I don’t have an established URL, how much will it cost for a unique URL to be created?

Domains generally cost between $12.00 and $15.00 per year for .coms and .nets. Others like .orgs can cost more. So, you’ll need to take that into account. We recommend using GoDaddy or Google to register domains.

In the event that I leave, how difficult will it be to transfer over the URL, content, and HTML? 

You will need to have your new developer copy and paste your content. You won’t be able to take the theme with you. So, the new developer will need to build the website using their own code.

As far as the URL, you will have registered this yourself and have full rights to everything in the transfer.

What happens to my URL if I stop using Kicksite for my web host? 

You will have full access to your URL because you paid for it and registered it yourself.

Will I be able to created custom email addresses with the website domain? 

You will be able to do this through where you purchased your domain from. We also recommend setting this up through Google for ease of use.


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Can I sell memberships or merchandise on my website and have it reflect in my Kicksite system?

Yes! With billing set up for your Kicksite account, we can integrate your Biz-Builders, from your Kicksite Account, to allow purchases online.

How will my website integrate with Kicksite?

Your website will integrate with the prospect portal of Kicksite by creating Biz-Builders. We will go in and set these Biz-Builders up for you. So, when your website is live, you will begin collecting leads directly in Kicksite. If you set up a message flow for your website leads, the system will begin to follow-up with those leads for you as well.

MKT Hero also integrates with the Student Portal side of Kicksite allowing for easy access for your students to log-in and view their information.

With the addition of Biz-Builders you will have the ability to sell trial memberships on your website and have those integrate with Kicksite. This will allow visitors to your site to sign up multiple students, for a variety of trial memberships, accept the terms of your liability waiver, and could allow them to pay for the trial membership from their favorite device.

Is there a contract with how long I have to keep my website with Kicksite? 

There is no contract. You pay on a monthly basis and we just require 30 days notice. (according to the Terms of Service)

Once I stop using Kicksite for my web host is all the data lost?

Yes. Once you transfer away, your access to that data is gone.

What happens if I stop using Kicksite, can I still host my website through you or will I have to find another host? 

You will be able to keep your website with us.

Will this include a class scheduler/trial scheduler that will integrate with my Kicksite system (class sign up)?

No. You will have the ability to list your schedule, or Google Calendar, but you will not be able to schedule classes from the website, and none of these options will integrate with Kicksite.

Will you set up the website like you did with our Kicksite account or will we have to do it ourselves?

Yes. You will need to provide us with the written content and images you want placed on the site, but once we have that information we will build the site for you and set up the Kicksite integrations.


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Can I have a website with Kicksite without using the actual Kicksite system?

Sure. All the features of the websites can function independently from the Kicksite system.

How will I update information/content on my site? 

You will be able to easily update the information on your site yourself, but we would be more than happy to do this for you within 24 – 48 hours.

Is this all PCI regulated?


Who will I contact with questions?

Please contact or with questions.

Will I be trained in how to use the website like I was in Kicksite? 

Definitely. We will provide you with free and unlimited training in your website like in Kicksite.

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